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    Creating a Dynamic Wrecking Ball Simulation Using Mass FX and Constraints in 3ds MaxThumb
    Mass FX is a great dynamics tool in 3ds Max. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a chain simulation of a wrecking ball animation in 3ds Max using Rigid Body and Constraints. Later I'll show you how to break a wall with the wrecking ball using Mass FX tool. Read More…
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    Controlling a Propeller's Rotation and Speed with Wire Parameter in 3ds MaxThumb
    Wire Parameter technique is very useful to control various transformation properties along with other properties. It saves the time of an animator and makes the things quite easy. In this tutorial, I'll show how to control the rotation and speed of the propeller of a fan with wire parameter.Read More…
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    Creating a Dynamic Dirt Explosion Using FumeFX and 3ds MaxPrevieww
    In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a dynamic dirt explosion in 3ds Max using FumeFX. I will also show how to create smoke trails, debris and how to do compositing to get the final result. Read More…
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    Real Time Rendering With Marmoset ToolbagAsd
    This tutorial is about capturing a beautiful real time render of your game art ready asset. This tutorial is a follow up tutorial of 'Create a Game Ready Fire Extinguisher with 3D Studio Max' series. In the previous tutorial, I showed you how to model and texture a low poly fire extinguisher. In this part, you will learn the working interface of the Marmoset Toolbag. Read More…
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    Breaking Objects With MassFx in 3ds MaxThumbnail
    In this tutorial I'll show you how to break objects in 3ds Max using its default dynamics tool MassFx. Read More…
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    Two Ways to Generate Z Depth in 3ds MaxThum
    In this tutorial, I’ll show how to get Z Depth pass in 3ds Max in two ways. The first using 3ds Max way, the second though a FREE script written by Michele Marcelli. You will see how to composite the Z Depth pass with the Diffuse pass in Photoshop to get the extra sense of realism in the scene.Read More…
  • Modeling
    Creating an Ancient Letter in 3ds MaxUntitled 1%20copy
    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create an ancient and torn letter in 3ds Max. This tutorial is heavily based on texturing in Photoshop. Read More…
  • rendering
    Three Ways to Generate Ambient Occlusion in 3ds MaxSd
    Learn three different ways of generating Ambient Occlusion passes in 3ds Max with Uriel Deveaud.Read More…
  • rendering
    Generating Volumetric Effects using Mental Ray's Parti-Volume ShaderMaya parti volume shader retina
    Learn how to render volumetric effects using the Mental Ray Parti-Volume shader in 3ds Max.Read More…
  • Visual Effects
    Create Sparks in 3ds Max using Particle FlowPreview
    Use Particle Flow and 3ds Max to create a shower of sparks in this tutorial from Uriel Deveaud.Read More…
  • Visual Effects
    Create a Particle Based Explosion with FumeFXFumefx explosion retina
    Learn how to drive your FumeFX explosions with Particle Flow in this tutorial from Vikrant Dalal.Read More…
  • Visual Effects
    Create Realistic Clouds in 3ds Max with FumeFXPreview
    Learn how to create realistic clouds in 3D Studio Max with the help of FumeFX.Read More…