Who's Who in the World of Design and VFX Studios II


    It's been a while since our last look at studios as a whole, and not just their demo reels. Look at their achievements, awards, how long they have been around, and you will learn quite a bit about who makes your films and television commercials.

    If you didn't see a specific studio in this roundup, look at my other articles on this same subject! Thanks!

  • Shine

    Shine is a creative design and production studio working mainly with main titles for television shows, network branding, and commercial design. You've probably seen their work on Modern Family, Kung Fu Panda, Flash Forward and How to Train Your Dragon.

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  • Rabbit

    Rabbit is a vast agency with locations in the US and Belgium, and everywhere in between. They have talent in Manhattan, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and throughout Europe that helps them to create music videos for artists like Bjork, Chrystal Method and U2.

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  • Special Problems

    Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali started Special Problems in 2007 and have produced some amazing work in just a couple short years. They specialize in mostly music videos, but also do some print and web design.

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  • BUF

    With three locations in Paris, and one in LA, BUF has become one of the premiere VFX shops in the world.

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  • Bitstate

    Bitstate has an extensive amount of amazing work to show off, mostly boasting the 3D skills they possess. Winning awards such as "Best Short Film for Children" at Anima Mundi Brazil 2010, and the One Show Silver Pencil, among many others, you will be sure to see some cool stuff come from them.

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  • Tippett Studio

    Founded by Phil Tippett in 1984, this studio has over the years impressed us with the mind blowing visual effects that they continually produce. Lately their most impressive bit of CGI and VFX have been the wolves in the Twilight movies... nothing short of brilliant.

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  • Punga

    Punga is based out of Buenos Aires, and is one of the most innovative studios in the the world when it comes to the area of animation and branding. Another studio with quite a few awards to show off, a few of their clients include the Chemical Brothers, MTV Europe, FOX, and Microsoft.

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  • Pixel Liberation Front

    Working on a lot of the visual effects for some of your favorite action movies is this studio, located in Venice, CA. The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Terminator Salvation, all of them have had The Front's touch put on them.

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  • Eight VFX

    Eight is the company responsible fo the awesome HP "Hands" campaign among many other clients like T-Mobile, Comcast, Capitol One, all of which you have probably seen on tv lately. They began in 2005 and have grown to a full fledged VFX agency working on both commercial production and Hollywood films alike.

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  • Legs

    Legs is a full scale production studio with a talented team of writers, directors and producers with locations in NYC and LA. They work on all kinds of projects such as commercial productions for Sony, Kia, Diet Coke and the New York Times, just to name a few.

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  • Mother New York

    I really like this company, they continually produce some unique commercials, ad campaigns, and mini-docs such as the "Up There" doc for Stella Artois. Check it out!

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  • Two Penguins

    Two Penguins does a lot of work in all different areas of video, but some of their premiere clients are places like Stoli Vodka, Microsoft, GQ and Complex Magazine.

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  • Dojo

    Dojo has an interesting look at their business called the "Hit" Philosophy. They want to produce hit after hit, the way a music producer produces hit songs. One by one, and if the client likes it they come back, if not... no sweat. Obviously this philosophy is working because, well... just look at the work that they do.

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  • Framestore

    It's hard not to notice any of the work that Framestore does. Harry Potter, Avatar, Chronicles of Narnia... and tons of commercials, chances are you have seen this studio's work somewhere, sometime.

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  • Impactist

    Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing bring to the table over 14 years of commercial experience in film production, design, animation, music and fine arts to make the up the directing duo known as Impactist.

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  • Daily Planet

    Daily Planet is a Chicago based design firm ranging from motion design, 3d animation and music videos like the ever popular "Making Money With a Pen and a Wacom Tablet" that dropped a couple weeks ago.

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  • Colonel Blimp

    Colonel Blimp and Blink Productions go hand in hand working together to create some amazing commercial, music videos and the like, a lot of which you have probably seen over on

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  • Physalia

    I found Physalia after I saw their awesome Mad MMX title sequence, and looking further through their portfolio, they have some really great titles, brand identity and short films.

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  • Blake BW

    This is a company does a lot of branding, a lot of commercial work, motion graphics... well they do a lot of everything, and they do it well. Their style is smooth, quick, and really slick looking.

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  • Platige Image

    This is a polish studio that you may have seen in some of the VFX Roundup articles, that does work on commercials, feature films, shorts, animated series... pretty much anything... you name it!

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