Man of Steel & Style - Superman 3D Logo Design Challenge


Today we'd like to launch a new Community Workshop to test your ability and challenge your creativity! There have been countless Superman movies made over the years as well as one currently in the works. Our challenge is for you to take the well-known Superman logo and manipulate, recreated, tweak and design an incredible 3d result.

There are some project files to help you get started. You can also download a fully functional trial version of ShapeShifter AE here. Create your own version of the classic Superman logo and submit it below. If you're one of the top submissions, you may win one of the many prizes listed below.


  • Artbeats - $500 of clips
  • Mettle - 1 of everything we offer
  • Rowbyte - 2 licenses of Plexus
  • Mamoworld - grab bag of products including iExpressions
  • Rampant Design - choice any 2 of their products
  • Kevin Shires - 2 Elementary Pro licenses
  • Maltaannon - 2 licenses of Cuber
  • Red Giant Software - 1 license of Trapcode Particular and Magic Bullet Looks
  • Envato - 3 months Tuts+ Premium membership

Man of Steel


  • You must Download a fully functioning license of ShapeShifter AE to use in your design.
  • You can also download one of the project file templates, but it's not required.
  • Submit your video/project file by Nov. 10th by midnight EST.
  • Winner will be based on: Originality, Creativity and Presentation Quality
  • Top Submissions will be given 1st choice from the prize pool.
  • Have a good time and make something cool!

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