It's Mac Lovers Week at Aetuts!


This is a very action packed week for the Envato network as it turns 3 years old! Well along with that, we happen to be having our own little party "Aetuts+ specific". We're excited to celebrate Mac Lovers Week, a week where all our content is Apple-Centric!

If you "option" instead of "alt"... If you were perfectly content without a right click... if you have no clue what a "Start bar" is...

If somebody says "Steve Jobs" and you feel all tingly inside... This is your week!

Things to look forward to this week:

  • Available for download, a free Bad TV Plugin submitted by Satya. This will be an awesome little time saver to have in your toolbox. But guess what, it only works for Macs.
  • Day 2 of the FCP Beginners Tutorials. If you're just getting started with editing, it's ok, you still belong!
  • We have a tutorial on how to create the Mac OSX Wallpaper Theme using Zaxwerks Invigorator Pro.
  • We will then being having a Mac OSX Intro Video tutorial by Satya where he'll be implementing some incredible 3d insight!
  • We're also going to have an Apple Orchard Roundup where you can pick from a big juicy selection of useful Mac content, so keep checking in!
  • Also, with Envato's birthday celebration this week, it just so happens that they're giving away Two 20" iMacs! (details to come)

We need to know which your prefer!

I've gotten a lot of comments alluding to AE users loving their Macs, but I feel like there might be some PC users out there as well... I just don't know. Here's what I need. Don't leave this page until you comment below on what you're using and why. That's right, I WANT to know... somebody finally cares what you think. Maybe we'll count the votes to find out which users truly are proud of their OS!

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