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Freebie : Japanese Wooden Bench


Today's Freebie content comes from new Cgtuts+ Co-Editor Ben Tate. Ben has put together a fully textured, Japanese style wooden bench model that's available for everyone to download for free! The download contains the bench model in .max, .3ds and .obj file formats with 2K textures included. Fear not, non 3ds Max users! As the .obj can be imported into almost any 3d software package out there!

Model Preview

Model Download Link : Cgtuts_Freebie_WoodBench.zip

Ben's website is www.bentateonline.com Check it out if you have a few minutes to kill!

If you'd like to produce freebie content for Cgtuts+, and have your portfolio/website address published for all to see, head on over to our 'Write for Us' section to see how you can submit. We're always looking for great content to share with the community!