eBooks and Courses Added to Tuts+ Premium


As many of you know, Tuts+ is accompanied by an online educational membership called Tuts+ Premium. We're very excited to announce that the membership has received a huge upgrade, including a new library of courses, 27 top-selling educational eBooks, member forums, and a completely redesigned UI. You can check out all the changes here or read on to learn about what 3D artists will now get as part of Tuts+ Premium.

Library of Courses

Would you like to learn how to design your first website in 30 days? Or learn the language of the web, HTML & CSS? Or get a little more advanced, and start using CSS3? Or maybe use Photoshop to create concept art? Our new Tuts+ Premium courses will show you how. We'll be adding new courses several times per month.

36 Exclusive 3D Graphics Tutorials

Tuts+ Premium includes 36 (and counting) extremely in-depth 3D Graphics tutorials teaching high-end techniques you won't learn anywhere else. You can browse them all and view free previews of every tutorial here, or view a selection of our favorites below.

Beautiful redesign

The new Tuts+ Premium was designed by Orman Clark and Envato designer Jacob Zinman-Jeanes. And, thank you to Simplifilm, who make a mean product demo video!

Top-selling Educational eBooks

Tuts+ Premium memberships now include 27 top-selling eBooks worth more than $440, including:

My Thoughts

The first thing current Tuts+ members will notice is the drastic improvement to not only the site's look, but the overall functionality and ease of use. No longer will you have to hunt around to find what you're looking for, the slick new user interface makes finding content fast and easy. With the new tab based UI, jumping between Tutorials and Source Files has never been easier. And with the addition of our new Courses and eBooks sections, as well as the ability to preview each and every tutorial, there's now more content then ever to explore.

Computer Graphic artists in particular will benefit from the content Tuts+ Premium has to offer. We feature a great collection of in-depth, step-by-step tutorials covering everything from Modeling, UVMapping and Texturing, to Game Art, Visual Effects and Compositing. So whether you're a seasoned veteran looking to brush up on your skills, or a complete new comer starting your first project. Tuts+ Premium has you covered with extensive and innovative training from industry pros. In addition to our video and written tutorials, we also offer artists a number of high resolution Texture and Reference Packs free to all Tuts+ subscribers. So why not head over to the new Tuts+ Premium site and started exploring the possibilities!

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