Congratulations To The "PFhoe-ly Cow!" Matchmoving Winners!


Thanks to all who voted! Based off your votes, I have the top 7 winners.... though you're all winners in my eyes... if that makes you feel any better... probably not... :)

The stats have spoken, although I must say that my personal votes went out to Deac Calin and Peter Tromp.

Daniel Reinoso - Winner of The Pixel Farm's PFTrack

Deac Calin - Winner of The Pixel Farm's PFhoe Pro

David Ellis - Winner of The Pixel Farm's PFhoe Pro

Jochen Braun - Winner of $25 in Marketplace Credit

Simon Kipfer - Winner of $25 in Marketplace Credit

Paul Galazka - Winner of $25 in Marketplace Credit

Sachin Man Joshi - Winner of $25 in Marketplace Credit

There will be more contests soon, so check in regularly!


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