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    It is Blog Action Day here on the interwebs, and I figured why not do our part in this eco-friendly awareness age? Instead of harping about how to save energy, conserve the wilderness, or protect the ozone layer, I have found a few videos across the internet that might help get the word out or make it click in your brain that the Earth really is getting older. We all have to do our part to at least soften the blow, if not erase the effects completely. Enjoy these little tasty tidbits of eco-friendly mograph goodness.

    • Blog Action Day 2009

      This is the campaign video for Blog Action Day 2009... If this inspires you, go create something on your own blog!

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    • Electricity From All Kinds of Renewable Sources

      A nice little animation that shows the effects of power stations, and how some of the different sources work. Learn how you can use renewable resources like wind and other alternatives.

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    • Animation: Climate Change, Energy & Action

      Very cool short animation from WWF about conserving energy and using more greener sources of transporation and energy.

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    • We Must - Type in Motion (Carbon Cap Contest)

      An awesome looking kinetic typography animation that was made for the Carbon Cap Contest earlier last year.

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    • Animals Save The Planet- Leopards Hate Litter

      Short little Animal Planet spot on not littering... claymation style.

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    • MacBook Green Commercial

      This is a little old, but good to think about, since we use computers everyday... this is on the energy efficient MacBook.

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    • Emergency 411: Going Green (Corporate Edition)

      This is a really funny take on going green from a Funny Or Die contributor.

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    • Maintenant

      This is a great use of 2.5d compositing to create an energy awareness video.

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    • Esurance, Cloud Cult Get Eco-Friendly Together with ..

      Another oldie, but goodie, Esurance has a nice little music video promoting eco-awareness efforts.

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    • Unlikely Alliances

      Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich are two "Unlikely Alliances" who came together to film one of the ads for the new "We Can Solve It" Campain.

      Campaign Site

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    • AShirtBag - Simple Solutions for Eco-Friendly Living

      Just like the title says, the author gives you quite a few different easy little tips to live a better eco-friendly life.

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    • We Make You A Conservationist

      This is a little confusing of a site. To watch the video, click the first thumbnail that stops in front of you entitled "We Make You A Conservationist". After that you can poke through the site and find out more info on conservation.

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    • Harry Frank's "Green Is Universal" Bumpers

      Harry had some really cool work when he was working at Royal and Truxton, this stood out to me. It was made with Particular and is showcased on Trapcode's Gallery: Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3

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    • Planet Green's Did You Know? Segments

      Discovery Channel's Planet Green has a few interesting tip PSAs for you to check out: Don't Idle Your Car Breathe Phantom Power

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