61 Mesmerizing VFX Breakdowns


A subject we haven't touched on for a couple months is the wonder of visual effects and compositing breakdowns. Take a look at the largest roundup of this genre to date!


Mnet Urban Bubbles

Color Grading Breakdown Rebel T1i

Making College Humor's "Die Hardly Working"

Making of Lynx - Billions

Brian Alvarez 2010 Reel

PUMA 'Until Then'

Ratatouille Progression Reel

Commercial Side by Side with Antics Pre-Viz

Waldemar Bartkowiak 2008 3D Demo Reel

Nuke Breakdowns

EntityFX Additional Shots and Breakdowns

Furious VFX Demo Reel

Making of the Toughbook Super Bowl Commercial

Making of The Pacific on FXGuide

Visual Effects of Pan's Labyrinth

ESPN/NASCAR “Dominoes (Making Of)”

VIV Mag Featurette: A Digital Magazine Motion Cover and Feature for the iPad

Motion Adrenaline

Weta Digital's Avatar VFX Breakdowns

Weta Digital's The Lovely Bones VFX Breakdowns

Making of Snickers - Rugby

Making of Snickers - Tag

Making of Snickers - Gliders and Robosoc

Making of Nuit Blanche

BaseFX Photoreal 3D Wolves Hair and Fur Workflow

BaseFX 3D Snow and Roto Breakdown

Lost Season 6 Promo Chronicle of a Hit

The Making of "Marching Through Your Head"

GhostVFX Volvens Forbandelse VFX Before/After

GhostVFX Ben 10 VFX Before/After

GhostVFX Ninja Assassin VFX Before/After

GhostVFX Drag Me To Hell VFX Before/After

The MIll's Making of Wrigley's 5 Gum Spots

Alice in Wonderland VFX Breakdown

Making of Motion Theory's Data Baby

Making of Citroen C4

The Third & Seventh Compositing Breakdown

Making of Ford Focus

Google Chrome Behind the Scenes

Making of White Swan

Sony - Make.Believe

Pictorion Hilde VFX Shot Breakdowns

Pictorion Adam Resurrected VFX Shot Breakdowns

Pictorian The Children of Huang Shi VFX Shot Breakdown

Pictorion Palermo Shooting VFX Shot Breakdown

AutoTopsy - VFX | Before & After

23 Minute Feature on Making of Avatar

Making Of 2010 Census "Community"

Behind the Scenes of Sony's - Eye Candy

BarclayCard Rollercoaster Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Making of Guinness Evolution

Platige Image - Katyn VFX Breakdown

Platige Image - Antichrist VFX Breakdown

The Aviator VFX and Behind the Scenes

Platige Image - Cyfra+ Sport HD Breakdowns

Platige Image - Kujawski "Harvester" Breakdowns

"Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" Sound for Film Profile

Making of Blackhole

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