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50 Breathtakingly Beautiful CG Landscapes


There are all kinds of landscapes in the CG world. Virtually anything you create whether it be future, past or present can have a landscape based around it. Alien, apocalypse, war, forest, magical... the adjectives can go on forever, but why don't you just check out what I have in store for you instead.

Quentin Mabille - Matte Painting Lost Spaceship

Alexey Kashpersky - Furian Legend

Alexey Kashpersky - Deadfull Light

Ruben Darío Karamañites Arango - Slums in Mars

Ruben Darío Karamañites Arango - South Road Crash

Ruben Darío Karamañites Arango - Hidden Temple

Michal Lisowski - First Snow

Michal Lisowski - Zone Episode II

Al Serov - The Old Bones

Alexandr Melentiev - Nomads

Alexandr Melentiev - Monastery

Alexandr Melentiev - Gate in an Empire Aid. Expedition

Alexandr Melentiev - Air Trees. Wooden World

Alexandr Melentiev - Cave City

Stephan Cooper - Serenisima

Stephan Cooper - Swamp Dwellings

Benoit Ladouceur - Assassin's Creed E3 Trailer Matte Painting

Benoit Ladouceur - A World Without Us Matte Painting

Benoit Ladouceur - EndWar Trailer - Paris Explosion Matte Painting

Benoit Ladouceur - Charlie Jade - Vexcor Boardroom View

Alex York - King Abdullah International Gardens

Rudolf Herczog - Kingdom

Rudolf Herczog - The Cathedral

Rudolf Herczog - Guardians

Neil Blevens - Blood Planet

Christian Hecker - Gates To Elysium

Christian Hecker - Epica

Maryam Nademi - Marina 2

Maryam Nademi - Duja Tower

Helgi H. Oskarsson - Yas Island Ferrari World

Tolgahan Güngör - Thesis Project 6 City

Tolgahan Güngör - Thesis Project 7 Base

Valentin Petrov - Cemetary

Valentin Petrov - Aquilonia

Marco Bauriedel - Cityscape

Marco Bauriedel - Renaissance

Jim Mann - Mediterranean Housing

Cao Viet Cuong - U Silk - City

Steven Hägg-Ståhlberg - Fantasy City (production painting)

Stefan Morrell - The Inevitable

Stefan Morrell - Futurescape

Stefan Morrell - The Gold Light of Morning

Stefan Morrell - Sci-fi Sunrise

Stefan Morrell - Alpine Village

Stefan Morrell - Garden City

Laurent Menabe - Fog City

Laurent Menabe - City Night

Dmitriy Glazyrin - Arctic Base

Dmitriy Glazyrin - Train

Dmitriy Glazyrin - Tortuga

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