36 Studio Reels That Will Knock Your Socks Off


No literally they will. I watched the list straight through, and then my fee were bare... wierd. Anywho, these are reels from some of the best, hardest working studios in the industry, and although I couldn't get all that I wanted in this time... well, lets just say I see this being an awesome continuing series.

The Mill 2010 Showreel

The Mill USA 2010 Showreel

EntityFX Montage Reel

9North 2010 Showreel

Weta Digital's Various Reels

Base FX 2010 Reel

Ghost VFX Reel 2010

PICTORION das werk VFX & Animation Showreel 2009

Engine 2010 Reel

Royale Winter 2010 Showreel

Random 2010 Reel

Moving Picture Company Various Reels

The Molecule Various Reels

Blacklist Reel

HunterGatherer Summer 2010 Reel

Syndrome 2009 Reel

Double Negative 2010 Showreel

Animal Logic Various Showreels

Hydraulx Various Demo Reels

Zoic Television Reel January 2010

Zoic Film Reel June 2010

Zoic Design Reel December 2009

TheoryFX 2009 Demo Reel

BTRY Show Reel

Spillt Super New Reel 2009

Nylon Spring 2010 Reel

Black Ginger Showreel Montage

Boundary Visual Effects 2010 Reel

Tequila FX Reel

Rising Sun Pictures Reel

Luma Pictures 2010 Reel

Monkeyhead Reel 2010

Make Reel 2010

Rawbot Demo Reel

Method 2010 Reel

Imaginary Forces Reel

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