29 Examples of Great Furniture Models from 3docean


When furniture models are done right, they can almost go unnoticed in a scene. But after looking over these examples from 3docean, it dawned on me just how much detail and work goes into designing high quality furniture.

Let’s take a look at some of the top work from 3doceans ever expanding furniture category.

Garden 01 – Chair

You can almost feel the summer breeze when you look at this garden lounging chair. A high-quality model made in real-world scale using technical blueprints and images as reference. If you wish to use this model just drag it into the scene and you are ready to go!

Bar Stool 1

Belly up to the bar in this slick stool by Kempi. Included are separate material groups for easy customization and insert point for easy alignment with the floor.


Ah yes...chair. This beautifully wood-textured chair comes in three different colors. All the materials, which are used on chair, are made for the Vray engine of Cinema 4D.

Japanese Chairs and Table

I may be partial to Asian design, but I really love these simple, wood Japanese chairs and table. All textures are included and ready to render.

PK80 daybed

Stretch out and enjoy this Poul Kjærholm inspired daybed by MT_XEON. The daybed consists of a leather mattress resting on a base plate of painted plywood, and a frame made of brushed metal.

Minotti. Carnaby series. 2-in-1

These Minotti inspired armchairs look real enough to be in my office. Modeled with Autodesk 3ds max and includes all textures and V-ray materials.

Minotti. Klasen series. 6-in-1

Looking for more Minotti inspired designs? Check out maxurom’s 6-in-1 high quality company chair models.

Charles Eames DCM Dining Chair 1945

24mm nails the timeless look of these simple wood and steel frame chairs circa 1945.

Pancras Lounge Chair

This lounge chair by Viz was inspired by the Norwegian Pancras design. The chair is by iForm, with high resolution textures included.

Orange Delight - Modern Dynamic designer Chair

Well it’s certainly orange, all right. Designer Contrastblack really delivers a wild take on the usually straightforward chair. This model can be very well integrated into any minimalist interior design scene as well as public outdoor scenes, such as Cafe’s or Modern Porches and gardens.

Classic Armchair with Complete Scene

Not only do you get this elegant armchair when you purchase the set, but you also get the complete studio lit scene as well. Every element of the model is separate so you can make your own adjustments as needed.

06 Sunlounger+side table

This simple and functional sunlounger and table set by Polysense is easy to customize and ready to drop into any patio scene.

Archibald Armchair

I’m not sure who Archibald is, but he sure looks like he has a comfortable armchair. Modelled with Autodesk 3ds max 2009 Vray Lighting and Shading Setup Render Setup Vray 1.50

Extra Wall Sofa by Living Divani

This minimal yet highly stylish sofa by Ratulo was inspired by designer Piero Lissoni. The file contains the sofa for easy import and the light stage used to render the previews.

Alusion Lounge 2 versions

This mesh lounger comes in two different versions. Also included are all the textures, materials and a lighting scene.

Topdeq Artes Sit-it Execute chair

I don't know if I feel really comfortable sitting in an execute chair, but the leather looks nice.

High Armchair

This armchair by Merrygo looks as comfortable as it does unusual. Modelled with Autodesk 3ds max 2009, it's ready to drop into your living room scenes.

Park Swivel Armchair

This Jasper Morrison inspired swivel chairs looks real enough to spin round-and-round in until you're sick. OK, maybe that's not such a good idea.

Paulistano armchair

This chair by Paguthrie was inspired by Paulo Mendes da Rocha’s 1957 classic armchair (although it doesn't have any arms). Models come in black and brown leather.

Art Deco Fainting Couch

If there's one thing I like more than Art Deco, it's fainting. This highly detailed couch by Tml96a would go great in any Jane Austin period piece. Ok…some maybe there wasn't any Art Deco in Austin's day. *Swoon*

Chair Cuna

This beautiful chair looks likes something I may break if I sat in it. I’ll have to ask designer Telemmaite what the load bearing strength of that steel is.

2 And 3 seats Modern Soft Sofa

What could be better than modern and soft? These low-polygon sofas are quick to render and look great in a living room scene.

Bar stool 3

I’ve enjoyed many a frosty brew in bar stools just like this. Available in leather and metal as well as high and low resolution formats.


It’s simple, it’s classic, it’s – sofa. Ready to render with the V-Ray and 3ds max 2009.

2 And 3 seats BoConcept SOFA

This sofa and loveseat combo are ready to be dropped into your next scene. Great for visualizations!

Charles Eames DCW Dining Chair 1945

You have to love these retro chairs by author 24mm. Both a high and low-polygon version are included.

04 Sunlounger+side table

Another sunlounger by Polysense with easy to customize and modify colors and materials. Now get me a lemonade!

Eames LCW Chair

This highly-detailed model of the LCW Chair by Eames comes with all the high resolution textures included.

Module Leather Sofa

This long modular leather sofa by Arey_I makes me want to kick back with a rye and coke. Feel free to mix the modules up and create your own sofa variation.

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