20 High Rez Concrete Texture Sets - CG Premium Content Pack


Today we have 20 incredible high resolution concrete texture sets available exclusively to Premium members. Hand crafted from original photos by CGTuts+ author Clinton Jones, each of the 20 texture packs contains all of the different passes required to render stunning materials in all rendering engines. If you ever use realistic textures in your CG art, then this content pack is perfect for you! Learn more after the jump!

CG Tuts Content Pack 1

This new CG Premium content pack (415mb in total) was created by Clinton Jones and is available for CG Premium members to download immediately. Clinton Jones is a regular author at CGTuts+, and creates professional quality photo sourced textures on a regular basis. We are very excited to partner up with him on this release!

CG Premium Membership

The Tuts+ network runs a membership service called Premium. For $19 per month, you gain access to exclusive high quality screencast tutorials, extra project and source files, and awesome downloadable content packs like this one at CGtuts+, Psdtuts+, Vectortuts+, Audiotuts+, Nettuts+ and Aetuts+! For less than the price of a movie, you'll learn from some of the best minds in the business all month long!!. Become a Premium member today!

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