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15 Incredible Hi-Res Slow-Mo Ink Drop Videos Pt 2 - CG Premium Content


Today we present the second batch of amazing, high resolution, slow-motion Ink Drop videos created exclusively for our Premium members by CGTuts+ author Stefan Surmabojov. This second set contains a further 8 1280x720 videos which can be used in a huge variety of applications, and for creating many different results. Standing at almost 1gb in size, we can't wait to see how you use this brand new Premium reference-pack! See more after the jump...

The below video is a small, low-res example of the content included within the video set.

CG Premium Membership

The Tuts+ network runs a membership service called Premium. For $19 per month, you gain access to exclusive high quality screencast tutorials, extra project and source files, and awesome downloadable content packs like this one at CGtuts+, Psdtuts+, Vectortuts+, Audiotuts+, Nettuts+ and Aetuts+! For less than the price of a movie, you'll learn from some of the best minds in the business all month long!!. Become a Premium member today!

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