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  • C4d catapult pt2 new retina

    Learn how to build and animate a dynamics based catapult with Aleksey Voznesenski in this six part series.

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  • Maya shark series retina

    This series guides you through the process of Modeling, UVMapping, Texturing, Rigging and Rendering a believable and lifelike shark using Maya's exceptional toolset.

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  • 3d and motion graphics

    This series covers the modelling and rigging of a non-deformable character in Maya. Based on 'The Nutcracker', this character features a number of challenges due to its inorganic nature and unique structure. Throughout the course of this series, author Soni Kumari will show you how to tackle each element and construct the model from start to finish using Maya's default toolset. Later lessons will include how to construct an intuitive, animation friendly rig for a hard surface character using Maya's proprietary rigging tools.

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  • Aetuts retina welcome to after effects episode1

    This 10 part series has been designed to help anyone starting out in the world of After Effects

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